четверг, 22 октября 2009 г.


I moved mu stuff to this place:
http://blog.honkfu.com/ru/ This one is on russian
http://blog.honkfu.com/en/ And this one is international

I`am so lazy to update my blogs, but i do it more often than in this place.

Enjoy! And sorry for my english

4 комментария:

Pearce комментирует...

Fantastic work!

A. Riabovitchev комментирует...

Da,Fantasticheskiy blog!Vozvrashaisia v blogosferu obratno!:o)

Анонимный комментирует...

You are a piece of shit in Virginia and we all now know who you are in NEIN!
See how good all your networking and web masters in MASTE got the word out about KISS and CHER?
And those nurses in CONITO and PHYTO with COMPE and CONTI just lost their EL PRICO!
You might know him by the name of EL YORKO or HERSEPRIC or WEREPRIC with MARTIN ROPER!
DUECKM and MUCKERS " sing"!!!!!
And those URSHINS with the GLEAR on GLYST and
INGST just got grounded with DONSUPE and
" Mother Jones"!
And according to ATIOSA, that means " PALLIDIPENNIS
Bye- Bye....HOLLYWOOD.

Unknown комментирует...

Hey Zorin, I went to the addresses you have for your Russian and international blogs, and it says there is nothing there. Could there be a mistake in the links?